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RD-100M leakage cable detector

Product advantageSafety concealment: the leakage cable can be shallowly buried in the earth's surface according to the shape and outline of the perimeter. The concealed installation method and the

Product advantage

Safety concealment: the leakage cable can be shallowly buried in the earth's surface according to the shape and outline of the perimeter. The concealed installation method and the sensing area of the detection magnetic field are invisible, and intruders don't know the existence of the perimeter, so the leakage cable is not easy to be damaged; It is especially suitable for use in places with high requirements for concealment and appearance, and can also be used as a cordon for outdoor camps.

Conformal installation: a simple installation method, which is suitable for all kinds of complex terrain, without blind spots and dead corners, and is not limited by the height, twists and turns of the terrain. It is not only suitable for surface installation, but also for parallel installation of walls.

Space defense domain: Because the electromagnetic field spreads around the cable and distributes with the cable, the underground/surface/air moving targets in the area around the leaked cable have detection function; The flat cover has a wide range, which can effectively give an alarm to intruders by jumping, drilling or digging holes, and realize all-round perimeter warning which is difficult for other perimeter products to realize, so as to prevent no dead angle.

Strong adaptability: not affected by environmental temperature, humidity, wind, rain, smoke and dust, tree shaking and other changes; There is no need to remove the greening plants in the prevention area; By adjusting the parameters of the detector, the interference of small animals moving in the defense area can be filtered out, and the phenomena of false report and false alarm can be eliminated.

Product features

1, the alarm response speed is fast, when the alert area invasion or destruction, the system immediately alarm.

2. Parameter setting: the detector can quickly and arbitrarily set the address and parameters of the defense area locally (the detection sensitivity can be set by itself according to the specific usage of users); Alarm host can remotely set all parameters of the machine as a whole/individually.

3. Intelligent display, showing the working mode and running state of the detector, etc.

4. Built-in network module, which can be connected with other network devices such as alarm host and computer in control room through network.

5. Compatible with all alarm hosts that receive switch signals, so as to realize remote networking and other functions.

technical parameter

Buried leak detector

Number of defense zones: 1

Communication mode: network communication, RS485 communication, switch communication.

Display mode: 3-inch LCD display

Operation mode: local key operation, remote PC software operation, remote WeChat operation and remote host operation.

Alarm mode: intrusion/short circuit/disconnection/power failure/disassembly prevention.

Sensitive threshold: 64th gear

Anti-interference threshold: 1st to 8th gear

Operating frequency: A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H 8 frequency band

Alarm time: 10 ~ 850 s

Power consumption: ≤15W

Product specifications: 300× 200 ×100mm/5Kg

Acousto-optic/alarm signal: yes, DC12V is independently output by zone alarm.

Leaky cable: outer diameter: φ10mm, waterproof outer layer

Weight of cable: 100 Mi Yue 7.5KG

And power supply environment parameters

Power supply voltage: DC18 ~ 24V/2A

Backup power supply: DC12V4.5A

Environment: temperature-40 ~+65℃; Humidity ≤95%

humanization design

Material: high-strength conforming material

Protection level: IP30

Alarm: DC12V output

Auxiliary output: DC12V output

Installation requirements

Length of defense zone: the length of a single defense zone is ≤ 400m.

Installation environment: parallel installation on the ground/wall.

Installation of cables: cable spacing is 0.8~1.5m, and shallow burial is 3cm.

system composition

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