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RD-700J electrostatic induction detector

Product advantage1. Compared with traditional alarms such as infrared correlation, electrostatic induction cable has higher sensitivity, more reliable operation and better adaptability to complex envi

Product advantage

1. Compared with traditional alarms such as infrared correlation, electrostatic induction cable has higher sensitivity, more reliable operation and better adaptability to complex environment. Besides the alarm function, a more important function is blocking deterrence, so as to achieve better security.

2. Electrostatic induction cable can adapt to all kinds of complex terrain, and is not limited by terrain height, twists and turns, corners, etc., so perimeter protection can be achieved without dead angle, breaking the limitation that infrared correlation and microwave wall can only be used in sight distance and flat and regular areas.

3. Automatically adapt to outdoor long-term temperature and humidity changes: resistant to harsh environment; Resistant to high and low temperature, radiation, sunlight, dust, snow, fog, etc.

4. Strong anti-destructiveness: when the probe cable is 5-10cm away, it will give an alarm. Touching or cutting the probe cable will give an alarm, and the sensing sensitivity can be set according to the user's specific usage. After the detector is connected with the alarm host, it has the functions of anti-shearing, anti-dismantling and anti-short-circuiting. If the signal line is cut off, the alarm host will give an alarm.

5. Perfect antistatic and lightning protection measures for electrostatic induction cable: This product is insensitive to quenching electromagnetic interference in nature; Such as lightning, space ionization, electromagnetic storm, quenching current, etc.

6. Low power consumption: It can be powered by batteries, and it can work for a long time when power is cut off. The induction cable is more suitable for outdoor occasions without power supply. Low power consumption makes it possible for the signal line and the power line to share one line. All field detectors can be connected with one ground line and one power supply (which is also a signal), which saves wiring costs and is easy to install and maintain.

7. Easy to match: It can be compatible with all alarm host interfaces that receive switch signals, so as to realize remote network alarm and other functions.

Product features

1. One-hand touch alarm: When the human hand touches any detection cable, the system immediately senses the alarm. Wearing gloves and clothes are equally effective.

2. Anti-shearing alarm: when the pliers touch or shear any detection cable, the system will immediately alarm.

3. Alarm for approaching and crossing: When the sensitive threshold is properly adjusted, the human body approaches the induction fence and the system immediately gives an alarm.

4. The alarm response speed is fast. When the induction fence is invaded or destroyed, the system will immediately give an alarm.

5. According to the detection system with one-hand touch/approach over alarm function, it gives the intruder a sense of deterrence and blocking, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention and reduce the number of crimes.

6. Built-in network module, which can be connected with other network devices such as alarm host and computer in control room through network.

7. The alarm response speed is fast. When the fence is invaded or the vibration cable is damaged, the alarm host in the control room immediately gives an alarm.

8. Set the address of the protection zone. The detector can set the address of the protection zone locally and quickly.

9. Intelligent display, showing the detector's running state, pulse voltage value, working mode, alarm state, etc.

10. It is compatible with all alarm hosts that receive switch signals to realize remote networking and other functions.

technical parameter

Basic parameter

Number of defense zones: 1

Communication mode: network communication, RS485 communication, switch communication.

Display mode: 3-inch LCD display

Operation mode: local key operation, remote PC software operation, remote WeChat operation and remote host operation.

Alarm mode: approaching/touching/crossing induction/disconnection/power failure/anti-dismantling.

Sensitive threshold: 64th gear

Anti-interference threshold: 1st to 8th gear

Operating frequency: A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H 8 frequency band

Frequency amplitude: 40 ~ 60V

Warning length: ≤ 300m (fence length)

Power consumption: ≤15W

Product specifications: 300× 200 ×100mm/2Kg

And power supply environment parameters

Power supply voltage: DC18 ~ 24V/2A

Backup power supply: DC12V4.5A

Environment: temperature-40 ~+65℃; Humidity ≤95%

humanization design

Material: high-strength conforming material

Protection level: IP30

Alarm: DC12V output

Auxiliary output: DC12V output

Installation requirements

Length of defense zone: the length of a single defense zone is 100 meters, 200 meters and 300 meters.

Induction cable: outer diameter: φ3mm; the outer layer is ultraviolet resistant.

Feeder: the standard length is 3m, and the feeder is connected to the BNC interface of the detector.

system composition

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