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Hangzhou Ruidun Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, design, sales and service of "intelligent perimeter alarm system". Founded in Hangzhou, the capital of China's security industry, the company relies on the resource advantages of the local security industry, constantly absorbing high-tech talents in the field of security technology. With keen market sense and strong technical strength, the company always takes innovation and high quality as its eternal pursuit and core, and takes it as its duty to develop, manufacture and sell the most reliable and innovative products, and devotes itself to the research and development of intelligent perimeter alarm system. Now it has the leading independent core technology and sustainable R&D capability in the industry. At present, the company's main products are: pulse electronic fence, tension fence, vibrating optical fiber, laser correlation, buried leakage cable, vibrating cable, electrostatic induction cable and other intelligent perimeter alarm systems.

Based on the market, the company strives to broaden and improve the applicability, reliability, durability and cost performance of the company's products, constantly expand the company's service and sales channels, and strive to become an integrated solution provider that allows users to trust and provide fast and thoughtful services. With the company's first-class human resources and hardware resources, the products are updated, the market is expanding rapidly, the business is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the product applications and services cover the whole country. Applications include substations, residential quarters, villas, enterprises and institutions, airports, prisons, detention centers, explosive depots, warehouses, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, pastures, military restricted areas, etc. With high-quality products, perfect service and innovative business philosophy, the company has won high evaluation and praise from users and the industry.

There are established goals of the company in the development of the company and team building. The development of the company can't be separated from the support of talents. People-oriented, with the same desire from top to bottom, enterprises can become bigger and stronger. Therefore, the company strives to transform into a joint-stock limited company, so that employees can become the owners of the company. The company and employees can develop together and build a people-oriented platform for joint venture, so that groups of young people who are full of moisture and love for Ruidun can realize their self-worth and make great achievements on this platform.

Customer-centered sustainable development strategy, innovative technology constantly leads the development of the industry. Hangzhou Ruidun, which is "professional, dedicated, honest and innovative", takes it as its vision that everyone can easily enjoy a safe quality of life, and is determined to become a respected and outstanding professional company in China and the leader in the security industry.