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Hangzhou Ruidun Electronics-Solution of perimeter alarm system in military camp

Security situation1. It is located in a remote area, far from the urban area, with few people around it.2. The traditional fence fence is equipped with barbed wire protection without alarm function.3.

Security situation

1. It is located in a remote area, far from the urban area, with few people around it.

2. The traditional fence fence is equipped with barbed wire protection without alarm function.

3. The perimeter area is generally large, the monitoring coverage area is limited, and loopholes are easy to exist.

Recommended solution 1

DF600 Pulse Electronic Fence+RD-3110 Alarm Host +RD-6000 Center Management Software+Video Surveillance

Scheme advantages:

1. The electronic fence has deterrent function: the high-voltage power grid and warning signs have a great psychological deterrent effect on intruders, effectively keeping thieves out of doors and preventing them from committing criminal acts.

2. The electronic fence has strong active protection: when the lawless elements invade, they will be effectively struck by electrons to stop their illegal activities.

3. The electronic fence can prevent tight and no dead angle: the installation of the front fence is not affected by the length, size and terrain of the perimeter, and it is easy to install without dead angle. At the same time, it can also be installed on the ground, fully protected and blind spots eliminated.

4. The false alarm rate of the electronic fence is low energy and works all day: the intelligent alarm delay function can greatly reduce the false alarm. Small animals, branches and bad weather can still work normally, and the false alarm rate is low, which greatly reduces the number of unnecessary patrols calling the police.

5. The configuration management software can configure a series of parameters, such as equipment management, user rights management, log management, storage management, etc., and provide system-level support services for the security monitoring and alarm monitoring system to ensure the safe operation of the system.

6. Electronic fence can be operated remotely: the host can be controlled by keyboard, software and LAN, which is convenient and quick.

7. It is completely different from the traditional high-voltage power grid, safe and reliable for human body, and at the same time it will deter thieves.

8. It is not limited by terrain, and can adapt to various irregular perimeters, and can be deployed arbitrarily.

9, the use of cost-effective, pulse electronic fence life of more than 8 years, a one-time investment, long-term benefits.

10. Simple maintenance. Whether it's the host equipment or the front-end electronic fence, it's very convenient to install and use, and basically requires no maintenance.

Recommended solution 2

RD-900G vibrating optical fiber +RD-3110 alarm host +RD-6000 central management software+video monitoring

Scheme advantages:

1. The optical cable has low loss and high stability during transmission.

2. The vibration sensing optical cable is passive detection and non-conductive, which can effectively avoid lightning strikes.

3. The vibration sensing optical cable adopts the principle of passive detection, which can eliminate the interference of external strong electromagnetic field, effectively avoid equipment damage caused by lightning, and has high system reliability.

4. The detection sensitivity can be adjusted in multiple levels, and there is also a sensitivity adjustment software assistant. The real-time dynamics of light changes can be observed through the computer display screen, and false alarms can be effectively shielded.

5. Vibrating optical cable can be directly laid on various iron nets in S-type or straight-line type.

6, alarm platform management, immediate linkage monitoring of perimeter intrusion, access to live video.

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