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Hangzhou Ruidun Electronics-Solution of Perimeter Alarm System in Prison Detention Center

Prison detention center is a criminal law enforcement institution and place that focuses on detaining and managing all kinds of criminals, criminal suspects and other elements that disrupt social orde

Prison detention center is a criminal law enforcement institution and place that focuses on detaining and managing all kinds of criminals, criminal suspects and other elements that disrupt social order. Under normal circumstances, it includes detention centers and detention centers under the public security system, prisons, reeducation-through-labor centers, drug rehabilitation centers and non-education centers under the judicial system, etc. As a centralized resettlement place for criminals (suspects), comprehensive security is the most important thing in prison management, which is related to the safety of people's lives and property, the harmony and stability of the whole society, and the national military security and long-term stability. At the same time, the degree of security in prison also reflects the progress of social civilization to a certain extent. In a sense, the security capability of the prison is the embodiment of the social security level maintained by the whole government, and it is one of the important embodiments of the government's ruling ability.

Existing security situation

1. There are some problems in old prisons, such as serious shortage of supervision resources, backward technical equipment and information systems, fragmented systems and ineffective information sharing. These problems have brought many new security loopholes to prisons, and they can't meet the needs of modern prison security management.

2. Prison staff live with prisoners all the year round, so they tend to relax their minds and have low vigilance, especially for those criminals who pretend to be active, and they are more likely to neglect. Criminals (suspects) are prone to take advantage of the situation and even have vicious incidents.

3. In case of emergency, the systems cannot be linked in time, and can't play the role of early warning and prevention quickly and efficiently. It is also difficult to check and find the correlation between information afterwards, which leads to low management efficiency and waste of manpower.

Recommended solutions

The first line of protection is installed about 1m away from the wall and parallel to the wall surface.

DF series floor-mounted laser correlation +RD-3110 alarm host +RD-6000 central management software+video surveillance is recommended.

Scheme advantage

1. The detection distance is longer, the false alarm rate is lower, and the detection range of laser correlation is 0-500m, which is suitable for various places that need long-distance prevention. At the same time, the intelligent frequency conversion technology is adopted for laser correlation, and each beam adopts different frequencies to independently identify and receive laser signals, so as to avoid false report and false alarm caused by external environment interference and laser beam crosstalk.

2. Better environmental adaptability, the light receiving area is 4 times larger than that of the traditional products: the φ Φ60mm high-transmittance condenser lens is adopted for receiving, which greatly improves the condensing capacity. The receiver adopts professional narrow-band filter+band-pass filter technology, which can effectively filter out 99% stray light from the outside, and is not interfered by light sources such as sunlight, searchlights and automobile glare. The laser is more focused and penetrating, and it can effectively restrain the harsh natural environment such as wind, frost, rain, snow and fog, with better stability.

3, linkage alarm, faster response, system alarm can be linked with on-site video monitoring, electronic map, sound and light alarm, etc., to ensure more accurate, timely and stable transmission of alarm information, and to protect perimeter security all-weather.

4. Longer service life, cost saving, using imported semiconductor laser from Germany, light source pulse coding, constant power control, and service life up to 10 years.


Pulse electronic fence is recommended for the second protection, and it is installed at the side of the wall 3m from the ground.

DF600 Pulse Electronic Fence+RD-3110 Alarm Host +RD-6000 Center Management Software+Video Surveillance

Scheme advantages:

1. The electronic fence has deterrent function: the high-voltage power grid and warning signs have a great psychological deterrent effect on intruders, effectively keeping thieves out of doors and preventing them from committing criminal acts.

2. The electronic fence has strong active protection: when the lawless elements invade, they will be effectively struck by electrons to stop their illegal activities.

3. The electronic fence can prevent tight and no dead angle: the installation of the front fence is not affected by the length, size and terrain of the perimeter, and it is easy to install without dead angle. At the same time, it can also be installed on the ground, fully protected and blind spots eliminated.

4. The false alarm rate of the electronic fence is low energy and works all day: the intelligent alarm delay function can greatly reduce the false alarm. Small animals, branches and bad weather can still work normally, and the false alarm rate is low, which greatly reduces the number of unnecessary patrols calling the police.

5. The configuration management software can configure a series of parameters, such as equipment management, user rights management, log management, storage management, etc., and provide system-level support services for the security monitoring and alarm monitoring system to ensure the safe operation of the system.

6. Electronic fence can be operated remotely: the host can be controlled by keyboard, software and LAN, which is convenient and quick.

7. It is completely different from the traditional high-voltage power grid, safe and reliable for human body, and at the same time it will deter thieves.

8. It is not limited by terrain, and can adapt to various irregular perimeters, and can be deployed arbitrarily.

9, the use of cost-effective, pulse electronic fence life of more than 8 years, a one-time investment, long-term benefits.

10. Simple maintenance. Whether it's the host equipment or the front-end electronic fence, it's very convenient to install and use, and basically requires no maintenance.

The third protection is recommended pulse high-voltage power grid, which is installed at the side of the wall from 4m to 5m above the ground.

HVG701 high voltage pulse power grid +RD-3110 alarm host +RD-6000 central management software+video monitoring

Scheme advantage

1. High warning voltage: the five network cables of the power grid are designed with five fires, and the output voltage of each network cable to the ground is 9,600 V AC, and the voltage between adjacent network cables is 19,200 V AC, which reaches the maximum value of the national standard (the national standard requires 3,000 V-6,000 V, and the high-security prison can reach 10,000 V). (In case of alarm, alarm and electric shock, the output voltage is for this purpose, not the usual low voltage, but the output voltage is high in case of electric shock; It's not the usual high voltage, but it turns into a low voltage in rainy and foggy days. The higher the voltage, the stronger the breakdown capability and the stronger the prevention capability. )

2. Strong current striking ability: the maximum striking current of the network cable to the object is 450mA, reaching the maximum value of the national standard (the national standard requires 40--500mA), and the instantaneous electric shock ability is strong.

3. The striking intensity is adjustable: the striking power can be set between 30--60mC.

4. The maximum output power of each high-voltage box is 3,000 W, and the maximum output power of one protection zone controlled by two high-voltage boxes is 6,000 W, reaching the maximum value of the national standard. The equipment can still work normally after 15 minutes of short-circuit network.

5. The inter-line short network still has the ability to prevent and strike (higher than the national standard requirements).

6. Double high-voltage boxes manage one protection zone at the same time. When one high-voltage box fails, this protection zone is still on alert.

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