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RD-800Z vibration cable detector

Product advantageThe system consists of a detector and a special sensing cable, and the vibration cable consists of a core wire, a polymer pressure-sensitive film, a shielding layer and a jacket. The

Product advantage

The system consists of a detector and a special sensing cable, and the vibration cable consists of a core wire, a polymer pressure-sensitive film, a shielding layer and a jacket. The characteristic of cable is to sense pressure and deformation. The cable is installed on the attachment according to a straight line or curve. When the cable is subjected to weak pressure or deformation, the cable outputs a weak signal with a certain amplitude and frequency. The detector senses the signal and makes a judgment. When the set requirements are met, the detector immediately gives an alarm.

Product features

1. Because the vibrating cable reflects the unclear position of the site and the detected magnetic field is invisible, the intruder doesn't know that the perimeter exists. Therefore, it is not easy to be damaged when the position is uncertain. Among many outdoor detection equipments, vibration cable is one of the few false alarms.

2. It can work all day, free from small animals, sunshine, temperature, rain, fog, wind and other factors.

3. It is suitable for all kinds of complex terrain, and is not limited by the height, twists and turns, corners, etc. of the terrain, leaving no dead corners. The vibration cable can be fixed on the barbed wire according to the perimeter shape and contour; Buried in the earth's surface and installed in a circuitous way; Or it can be directly coated on the top of the enclosure wall and then covered with an outdoor wooden floor, so that the stress area is larger while preventing breakage.

4. It is especially suitable for high fire prevention areas such as natural gas stations, oil depots, explosive depots, etc., and can also be used as cordon for outdoor camps.

technical parameter

Vibration cable detector

Number of zones: 1 ~ 2 (single/double zones are optional)

Communication mode: network communication, RS485 communication, switch communication.

Display mode: 3-inch LCD display

Operation mode: local key operation, remote PC software operation, remote WeChat operation and remote host operation.

Alarm mode: vibration/shaking/disconnection/power failure/short circuit/disassembly prevention.

Sensitive threshold: 64th gear

Anti-interference threshold: 1st to 4th gear

Warning length: ≤ 400m (cable length)

Power consumption: ≤15W

Product specifications: 300× 200 ×100mm/2Kg

Compatibility: support, independent output of alarm switch value (normally open/normally closed optional), linkage control of LED searchlight/address module and other alarm devices.

And power supply environment parameters

Power supply voltage: DC18 ~ 24V/2A

Backup power supply: DC12V4.5A

Environment: temperature-40 ~+65℃; Humidity ≤95%

humanization design

Material: high-strength conforming material

Protection level: IP30

Alarm: DC12V output

Auxiliary output: DC12V output

Installation requirements

Length of defense zone: the length of a single defense zone is ≤ 400m.

Number of defense lines: single line or double line optional.

Cable specification: outer diameter: φ4mm, and the outer layer is ultraviolet resistant.

Cable weight: 400 Mi Yue 10KG


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