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Perimeter intrusion alarm system is not only an option of electronic fence.

2022-03-10 15:56:15

As the first line of defense of security system, perimeter defense is self-evident. Install the perimeter protection alarm system in the fixed area that needs to be protected. When someone tries to cross the boundary around the protected area, the detection device on the boundary will send an intrusion alarm signal after detecting the intrusion, and at the same time, the intrusion signal will be sent to the alarm host through the transmission part to prompt relevant personnel to handle it.

With the development of security products, the perimeter alarm system has changed from single alarm reconfirmation to deterrence and blocking plus alarm. At the same time, the means of perimeter prevention also range from fence, barbed wire to intrusion alarm. However, many people don't know much about the perimeter alarm system, or just have heard of the electronic fence. In fact, the perimeter alarm system is far more than one kind of electronic fence. Let's take a look at several common perimeter precautions with me!

Electronic fence alarm system

Electronic fence alarm system has become one of the most popular products in the perimeter security industry because of its deterrent, blocking and alarm functions, and its efficient and convenient installation. When someone illegally intrudes into the guard area, the alarm will sound immediately, and the intelligent control keyboard of the security room will sound an alarm. With the help of the electronic map, the security guards can quickly check the alarm area and go to the disposal. Applicable to residential quarters, schools, detention centers and other places with walls.

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system composition

Functional characteristics

1, no blind spots, no dead ends.

The electronic fence alarm system can be erected at the ups and downs of walls, gates, corners and other places, which greatly overcomes the interference of terrain on the security system.

2. Safety and stability

The alarm system adopts the design concept of low-voltage energy, which can alert intruders and not cause life danger.

3. Flexible control mode

The voltage of the electronic fence alarm system can be adjusted at any time, and the user can lower the impulse strike intensity to reduce emergencies when people work during the day according to their own needs; Improve the intensity of pulse strike at night and increase the deterrence of security system.

4. Linkage output interface

Equipped with linkage output interface, it can be linked with monitor and alarm center.

Application case



Fence tension alarm system

The tension alarm system of fence has the functions of deterrence, blocking and alarm. It is a collection of mechanical and electrical devices to prevent attempts to invade such as climbing, pulling, pressing and shearing, and it is a new type of perimeter anti-intrusion alarm facility. And the installation is efficient and convenient, making it one of the most popular products in the perimeter security industry. Due to the brand-new detection method and special signal processing method, the tension fence ensures that the change of environment will not cause the change of tension static value, tension alarm value and tension alarm threshold value, which completely changes the disadvantages of the previous perimeter security detectors such as poor environmental adaptability and easy false alarm. When someone illegally intrudes into the guard area, the alarm will sound immediately, and the intelligent control keyboard of the security room will sound an alarm. With the help of the electronic map, the security guards can quickly check the alarm area and go to the disposal.

Tension fence is widely used in residential quarters, schools, prisons, airports, petroleum and petrochemical industries, railways, electric power, finance, museums, national defense and other fields.

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system composition

System characteristics

1. Tension fence has a deterrent function: warning signs give intruders a great psychological deterrent effect and prevent them from committing crimes.

2. The bracket and steel rope are not electrified, which is a threat to the life of the intruder and meets the current technical defense requirements;

3. Tangible boundary wall, which forms an obstacle. Once climbing, output an alarm;

4. Different tension values and alarm thresholds of steel ropes can be set according to different application environments;

5. Can accurately measure the change of the force on the steel rope, reach or exceed the set alarm threshold, that is, send an alarm signal to the alarm management center;

6. It can automatically track the changes of the environment, timely adjust the parameter values of the system, ensure that the system can work according to the current environmental parameters, and reduce false alarms.

7. The false alarm caused by factors such as birds, small animals, leaves and twigs can be effectively prevented through the alarm threshold of the equipment;

8. It has the anti-shearing alarm function, and immediately sends out a shearing alarm when the fastening tension on the steel rope is less than the normal value;

9. Able to work in harsh climatic environment, with strong environmental adaptability and stable and reliable performance;

10. The control lever has anti-dismantling alarm function, and once the bracket is disassembled, an alarm signal will be sent out;

11. Electronic fence can be operated remotely: the host can be controlled by keyboard, which is convenient and quick;

Application case


Optical fiber vibration alarm system

Vibration fiber is also one of the commonly used perimeter alarm systems, which is different from the cable alarm of tension fence and the alarm generated by touching alloy wire of electronic fence. Its working principle is that the laser emits DC monochromatic light wave, and the light signal passes through the optical module through the optical cable to make the light signal generate two interference signals. The signal uses the optical fiber as the vibration sensing carrier to realize protection and early warning detection. When someone illegally intrudes, the intensity of the light wave signal is higher than the predetermined index, thus generating an alarm signal. It is suitable for electric power, factories, warehouses and so on.

system composition

Functional characteristics

1. Long distance

Each defense zone (optical fiber length) is 1 km long, which truly realizes the overall defense of a wide range and a long distance.

2. Passive design

The system uses optical fiber as a passive detector, and the whole outdoor defense area is passive except for the host.

3. Anti-interference

The system adopts optical fiber detection, without considering the influence of electromagnetic field, and has excellent anti-interference ability. Very suitable for oil depots, power stations, military, airports, high-speed rail and other occasions.

4. Adaptive

Running for 8 hours continuously, the adaptive capacity of the equipment will achieve the best effect.

Application case

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