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RD-600D-HI Single Defense Zone Pulse Host

System characteristicsDeterrence: High-voltage pulse electronic fence This is a new concept of peripheral alarm system, namely "tangible" alarm system. It really gives the intruder a sense o

System characteristics

Deterrence: High-voltage pulse electronic fence This is a new concept of peripheral alarm system, namely "tangible" alarm system. It really gives the intruder a sense of deterrence and a blocking effect, which adds a psychological burden before committing a crime. Do not dare to act rashly, so as to give priority to prevention, reduce the number of crimes and improve the reliability of the system.

Zero false alarm and strong adaptability: Because the electronic fence system's alarm mode is power failure and short circuit alarm, it can achieve zero false alarm. Because it is not affected by environment (such as trees, small animals, vibration, etc.) and climate (such as rain, fog, wind, snow, etc.) like other peripheral equipment. It is not limited by terrain height and tortuous shape of boundary, unlike infrared and microwave wall systems, it is limited to the perimeter environment of sight distance, straight lines and flat areas.

Strict and active protection: it can be erected arbitrarily according to the terrain, without dead ends, eliminating the blind spot of safety, giving electric shock when attempting to cross, and the on-site warning signs and audible and visual alarm give great psychological deterrent effect to intruders; It has a good active protection effect.

It can be networked with other security systems: it can be linked with monitoring. When an alarm is given, the camera turns to the corresponding position to start recording; IT can also be well integrated into other IT systems, such as linked mobile phone GSM signal and Contact ID protocol for accessing telephone network.

The system can realize remote network management: the distance from the fence site to the command center is very long, so it is necessary to upload the alarm signal remotely. Once an alarm happens, the system will immediately display the alarm area and send out an audible and visual alarm, and the command center will inform the managers in each area so that they can respond quickly and check the alarm situation in time.

Product advantage

Differential voltage technology: there is a voltage on each line, and there is a voltage difference between two adjacent lines.

Liquid crystal display: directly display the front-end alloy line voltage value on the host LCD screen.

High/low voltage switching: manual switching or remote control switching, high voltage 5000V, low voltage 1000V switching at will.

Alarm mode: short circuit, disconnection, anti-disassembly alarm, automatic detection of equipment failure.

Deployment: Each host is equipped with a special remote controller, which can deploy and deploy the pulse detector.

Software control: the pulse detector can be controlled locally or remotely by computer management software, and the pulse detector can be disarmed and switched off at high and low voltage by software.

Keyboard control: the keyboard is connected with the pulse detector through signal lines, and the pulse detector can be disarmed and switched between high and low voltage through the keyboard.

Alarm output: normally open/normally closed dry contact alarm output corresponds to alarm output, which can be used with many modern security products.

One machine and two uses: the host has an external 4-wire/6-wire switch button, which can be used as a 4-wire electronic fence or a 6-wire electronic fence.

Basic parameter

Electronic fence host

Number of defense zones: 1

Communication mode: RS485 communication and on-off communication.

Display mode: LCD display

And power supply environment parameters

Power supply voltage: DC18 ~ 24V/2A

Backup power supply: DC12V4.5A

Environment: temperature-40 ~+65℃; Humidity ≤95%

Output parameters

Pulse peak value: 5KV~10KV

Pulse peak value: 700 ~ 1000 V

Peak value of pulse current: < <10A, duration of output exceeding 300mA: ≤ 0.3ms.

Pulse interval time: 1s

Output power of single pulse: 2.5mC

Output energy of single pulse: ≤ 5.0J.

System power consumption: 5W;

humanization design

Material: high-strength conforming material

Protection level: IP30

Alarm: DC12V output

Auxiliary output: DC12V output

Installation requirements

Length of defense zone: the length of a single defense zone is ≤ 400m.

Number of defense lines: more than 4 lines can be arbitrarily selected.

Equipment structure

system composition

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