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Working principle and advantages of electronic fence

2021-12-21 13:58:15

Working principle of electronic fence

After the host of the electronic fence is powered on, the transmitting port sends out pulse voltage to the front fence, and the pulse is transmitted once every second, and the pulse stays on the fence for about 0.1 second. After a loop is formed on the front fence, the pulse is returned to the receiving port of the host, which receives the feedback pulse signal. At the same time, the host will also detect the resistance between the two transmitters. If the front fence is damaged, resulting in open circuit or short circuit, the receiving port of the pulse host cannot receive the pulse signal or the resistance between the two transmitting terminals is too small, the host will give an alarm.

Advantages of electronic fence

Real-time voltage display: the host computer has its own LCD screen, which can dynamically display the voltage values of each line in real time (according to the specific model). The control keyboard or computer software can remotely and dynamically poll the voltage values of each line in real time.

Remote control: use the control keyboard or computer software, and carry out remote communication between systems through RS485 protocol or TCP/IP protocol. RS485 bus can be used for remote control and management of the system within 5 km or less; ≥5Km can be communicated by local area network; When ≥10Km, optical fiber transmission scheme can also be used for remote control and management; In some large-scale projects, when the application site has long-distance LAN construction, LAN control software can also be used to remotely control and manage the inter-provincial or even transnational pulse electronic fence system.

Very low false alarm rate: The low false alarm rate is one of the core advantages of the pulse electronic fence system. The system has pulse high voltage output and feedback detection. As long as there is no disconnection or short circuit of the front metal wire, the system will run stably, free from the influence and interference of weather, light, plants (except winding) and small animals.

No blind area or dead angle: the front metal wires are fixed by insulating support rods, and installed along the perimeter terrain. The gates and corners can be installed, and the length of the defense zone can be freely distributed, so as to ensure accurate alarm positioning and no loopholes in pulse high voltage protection; Accurate high voltage prevention, no harm to human body;

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