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Brief introduction of cable vibration optical fiber

2021-12-10 10:56:49

RD-900G-Z bus type vibrating optical cable alarm system uses common optical cable as sensing unit. When the sensing unit of optical cable is affected by external vibration or pressure, some characteristics of transmitted light in optical cable will change. The optical signal collector is used to collect signals, and computer is used to analyze (analyze attenuation, phase, wavelength, polarization, mode field distribution and propagation time), control and realize long-distance and wide-range perimeter detection. The length of each defense area can reach hundreds of meters to thousands of meters. According to the actual application, the system can be divided into fence type and buried type. It can be applied to all kinds of surface fences such as wrought iron, barbed wire, fences, fences, etc., as well as lawns, gravel layers, floor tiles, floors, cement floors and common soil, and its technology has reached the international advanced level of similar products. The bus structure of the system is adopted, and there is no need to lay any power supply and communication lines in the perimeter protection area. It can be widely used in various outdoor environments, boundary lines and other places where it is inconvenient to lay power supply lines, which can greatly save the cost of power supply equipment and lines for customers and simplify the construction.

The system integrates the wind sensor, which greatly reduces the false alarm caused by windy weather. The wind processing software automatically adjusts the relevant parameters, automatically adapts to the changes of the external environment, and greatly reduces the false alarm caused by windy factors without reducing the system performance. The signal processing method has also been further improved. Signal processing was done for false alarms caused by falling branches, birds flying, hail and other accidental factors, which greatly improved the alarm accuracy. The hardware unit of this system does not need to be manually adjusted. After the hardware system is connected and powered on for 24 hours, the system will automatically find suitable parameters. The linkage configuration relationship has changed from the original one-to-one to the present one-to-many, which avoids the embarrassment that one alarm can't link multiple devices, and realizes flexible linkage configuration.

Composition of bus vibration optical cable system

This system is composed of industrial control computer, alarm software, acquisition card, optical cable signal collector, 32-way linkage equipment, defense division package and sensing optical cable.

Industrial control computer: the industrial control computer is equipped with a high-speed data acquisition card and data analysis and processing alarm software, which has a strong data analysis and processing capability. The intrusion signals optimized by the data acquisition device are collected and stored in the database through the local area network, and the signals are analyzed, calculated, compared and judged by various preset data analysis means, so as to find out the characteristic values of the signals and process them. When the system is running, the amount of data processed is proportional to the number of protected areas, so the more the number of protected areas, the higher the configuration requirements of industrial computer.

Alarm software: The alarm software is the special software of the alarm system. Users can set the function of the alarm system, collect and judge the alarm data, display the electronic map of the defense area, record the alarm status information and record the information of the personnel on duty.

Acquisition card: Each set of acquisition card is used to acquire 16 analog signals at most, which has the characteristics of high acquisition rate, high precision and long-term stable work. It is installed according to the number of defense zones in the system.

Optical cable intrusion signal acquisition equipment: optical cable intrusion signal acquisition equipment (abbreviated as acquisition equipment): the acquisition equipment is placed in the monitoring room and is the core equipment of the system. This device is used to collect, pre-process and transmit the signals of vibration sensing optical cables in each defense area to the acquisition card. At the same time, the device can display the working state of the device power supply and the running state of the device through the LED.

32-channel linkage output device: 32-channel linkage output device can be linked with alarm lights, sirens, video surveillance and other devices. Through the software, the IP address of the equipment and the number of interlocking relays required in each defense zone can be set.

Zone-dividing package: Zone-dividing package is placed at the head and end of the zone, which is used for optical connection between zones. One acquisition device can make up to 16 zones, and a total of 17 zone-dividing packages are needed from the first zone at the head end to the 16th zone at the end. The number of zone-dividing packages is calculated according to the number of zones, and the optical structures inside the divided packages are all different, and the connection methods are all unique. During installation, it is necessary to weld according to the optical path welding diagram, otherwise the optical path will not work normally.

Optical cable is divided into two parts.

1. Guiding optical cable: As the acquisition equipment is placed in the monitoring room, the guiding optical cable is generally used to introduce signals. The guiding optical cable is an ordinary outdoor single-mode communication optical cable, and it becomes a non-inductive optical cable because of its special optical path structure, so the vibration generated in the area where the guiding optical cable is laid will not be detected.

2. Sensing optical cable: Vibration sensing optical cable is a kind of passive distributed common communication grade optical cable laid on wrought iron net or buried in various soil, which can be regarded as an alarm sensor. It can transmit the tiny mechanical vibration in the protection area (that is, the tiny vibration caused by intruders) to the collector for signal collection, analysis and processing. Because of its passive characteristics, it can be widely used in all kinds of flammable and explosive places and large-scale irregular perimeters.

Connection diagram of bus vibrating optical cable system

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