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Anti-theft Advantage of Pulse Fence Perimeter Alarm System

2021-11-23 09:04:02

 1. The electronic fence system adopts the advanced perimeter security concept of "blocking first with auxiliary alarm", which will deter, block,

Alarm and security are all in one.

2. Deterrence: The electronic fence with pulsed high voltage gives intruders a great sense of deterrence.

3. Blocking: Tangible and electrified electronic fence can effectively prevent intrusion.

4. Alarm: In case of forced intrusion, the electronic fence system will send out three kinds according to the intrusion forms: net contact, short circuit and open circuit.

Alarm mode.

5. Safety and reliability: The system adopts the design idea of high voltage and low energy, which will not endanger human life. advanced

Voltage difference output function: each line of the electronic fence has electric shock, and there is a voltage difference between adjacent lines, which makes the electronic fence invulnerable.

6. The false alarm rate of electronic fence system is extremely low: the advanced alarm principle overcomes the technologies of infrared, microwave and electrostatic induction.

Defects, waterproof design of all kinds of insulators in electronic fence system, increasing creepage distance, ensuring that the system can give an alarm and is not affected by climate, terrain and other environments.

7. No blind areas and dead corners: The electronic fence system can be erected along with the ups and downs of the terrain, and can be installed at the gate and corner.

8. The product meets the GB/T 7946-2015 standard.

9. Line-to-line and line-to-ground have three alarm modes: net contact, short circuit and disconnection.

10. High-low voltage detection mode: users can freely switch modes according to different requirements. The high-voltage mode can generate five-stage pulse high voltage with a peak value of 4/5/6/7/8KV, and the low-voltage mode can generate five-stage pulse low voltage with a peak value of 1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9KV. You can switch to the low-voltage mode during the day or when someone is working near the fence, which makes the front fence have a smaller impulse strike force. If you are at night or when you are on high security alert, you can return to the high-voltage pulse mode with a peak value of 4,000 ~ 8,000 V.

11. Electronic fence controller has linkage functions such as normally open/normally closed, DC12V and RS485.

12. There are five LED lights on the panel of the electronic fence controller, which respectively show various states such as power supply, protection, net contact, short circuit and disconnection.

13. The electronic fence controller can be equipped with DC12V4AH battery, which can continue to work normally after 220V power failure.

14. The electronic fence system is extensible and can be linked with other security equipment. Battery protection: the voltage protection of the battery. When the voltage of the battery drops below 9V, the battery will be disconnected. Only when the charger has enough voltage will the battery not be reconnected.

15. The protective design of rain-proof enclosure of electronic fence is suitable for outdoor installation.

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